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Welcome to Keating PAC

École Keating Elementary
Parents' Advisory Council

Get involved and support our children's education

Our Initiatives

We are dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of our children at Keating Elementary School. Here's a sample of what we do:


  • Offer advice and recommendations to Keating School admin

  • Advocate for parents and guardians

  • Fundraise for, organize, and support school activities and initiatives

  • Organize parent education events

  • Connect with other school PACs and our District PAC (COPACS)

Our Mission

We provide a platform for parent and guardians of Keating Elementary students to voice their support, ideas, and concerns about the educational experience and wellbeing of our children. We foster a strong sense of community and collaboration between parents, school administration, and teachers.

Join the Chat

Stay up to date with our latest discussion topics. Our forum allows Keating Parents to discuss PAC activities, events and issues (without the typical Facebook vitriol). Sign up as a member and connect with others who share your passion to support our children's education and wellbeing. See you on the forum!

Please join us!

Are you a Keating parent/guardian who wants to get involved with our PAC? We would love that! There are many ways to support and get involved with Keating PAC. We respect and appreciate that folks differ greatly in how much time they can put into volunteering. Whether it's an hour or more, please join us and make a difference in our children's education and wellbeing.


“Keating PAC has helped me feel connected to my daughter's school and have some ownership over her education. It has also helped me to meet a lot of great people.”

Parent of a Grade 4 student

Our Partners

École Keating Elementary School
Saanich Schools
Confederation of Parents' Advisory Councils of Saanich
BC Confederation of Parents' Advisory Councils of Saanich
Canadian Parents for French, Saanich Chapter
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