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Upcoming Events

Below is our calendar of events. Let us know if we're missing anything and we'll add it right away.

Hot Lunches

Our Hot Lunches Committee, and their team of wonderful volunteers, works hard each year to organize 10 or so hot lunch days each school year.  The goals of this program are to:

  • Provide a healthy lunch that meets the criteria listed in the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools

  • Provide an opportunity to experience new healthy foods or try old favourites in a new way.

  • Share a meal with friends at school

  • Raise funds for Keating PAC

  • Support local businesses

To find out more, download our Hot Lunches Info Sheet. To volunteer to help deliver Hot Lunches, please reach out to our Hot Lunches team.


October 13

Peninsula Pizza 🍕

November 10

Edo Japan 🍜

December 15

Subway sandwiches 🥪

January 19

Edo Japan 🍜

February 23

Adriana's Mexican 🌮

March 8

Scotty's Hot Dogs 🌭

April 19

Sushi 🍣

May 10

Pizza 🍕

May 24

Adriana's Mexican 🌮

Jun 14

Scotty's Hot Dogs 🌭

More Info

Place your hot lunches orders at

Download our Hot Lunch Info Sheet for more details

Our Hot Lunches Partners


Keating PAC organizers many fundraisers over the course of the year. Below is a list of (most of) our current or previous fundraising efforts. To suggest other fundraisers, or to volunteer to help on any of our fundraising events, please reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you.

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